What do we deal with?

At Deakin Psychology our qualified team of psychologists can provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for older persons, adults, adolescents and children for a broad range of psychological services.

School associated problems
anxiety, avoidance and refusal, problems with academic achievement, test anxiety


learning problems, ADHD, giftedness and cognitive assessment

Child behavioural
impulsivity, anger, defiance and/or aggression

Skills building
stress, self-esteem and assertiveness, workplace issues

following traumatic events, complex childhood trauma or adults with a history of childhood trauma

Family support
parenting strategies, attachment, relationship counselling and family breakdown support


Peri and post natal
 counselling for individuals or couples experiencing difficulties associated with pregnancy, birth and parenting

Mental health assessment and treatment
including anxiety and depression

What To Expect

Each psychologist has different areas of expertise and skill, when you make your initial appointment we will match you with a psychologist who specialises in your area of need.  The number of appointments required depends on the individual needs and situation of each client.  During your first appointment, your psychologist will assess your individual situation.  Once completed your psychologist can give you an estimate of the number of sessions required. 

Individual sessions are 50 minutes long, however, psychological testing sessions are longer and often up to 2 hours per session. The number of sessions will vary depending on the presenting issues.

Child and Adolescent assessments consist of an initial interview with parents or caregivers to gather background information and identify an appropriate assessment pathway. A number of testing sessions with the individual will be carried out. These are generally between 2-6 hours total depending on the issue and are broken up into 1.5-2 hour sessions. A report is then written up to explain the issues and a feedback session is undertaken with the parents/caregivers.  Sometimes a school observation is required as a part of the assessment. 

Psychological Treatment

Our clinician’s can provide a variety of psychological treatments and therapies to suit your specific needs.  Every person is different and we understand that therapy needs to be flexible and tailored to help you with your particular issues.  Our psychologists will work with you to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Psychological Assessments 

At Deakin Psychology we provide psychological assessments and interventions for children and adolescents.  The psychologists who carry out this work are specifically trained in areas of developmental neuropsychology.  They have extensive experience both in government and in private practice working with children who have various developmental problems including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.

The types of assessments we provide include:

  • Educational assessments.
  • Learning disorders (ie reading, writing, mathematics).

  • Intelligence (IQ) testing.

  • Early entry school assessments.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • Intellectual disabililty


The information shared between clients and their Psychologist is kept confidential.  Client records are kept securely and information can only be released with your permission.  There are, however, a few exceptions.  If your files are subpoenaed, if we are concerned you may harm yourself or another person; or if you report significant criminal activity.  Psychologists are also required to report any suspected child abuse (physical or sexual) to Care and Protection. Deakin Psychology does not gather, retain, sell or distribute information about website users or visitors.  All information transmitted through this website is treated as strictly confidential.